Section 2

A good job is meant to lift you out of poverty, not ensure you live in poverty.

Good jobs are under threat as one of Canada’s richest retail giants, Loblaw, continue to eliminate good jobs for workers while increasing hours and responsibilities of part-timers.

These part-time workers are often required to work full-time hours but are never offered a full-time job or adequate benefits.

This is particularly true at supermarkets across Canada. In many stores a staggering 80 per cent of jobs are now classified as part-time. Most part-time workers earn minimum wage, work erratic shifts and have access to fewer benefits (if any at all).

In June 2019, Loblaw announced the elimination of 44 full-time supermarket jobs in Newfoundland at its historic Dominion Stores chain. Dominion workers are negotiating a new collective agreement and need your support to ensure that Loblaw comes to the table to bargain a fair deal.